10 Packing Essentials on Amazon Prime for Music Festivals

It's that time of year - festival season! ACL Festival is hitting Austin this weekend, so I figured it is the perfect time to list out some of my top packing tips for music festivals. A lot of festivals have rules nowadays that you might not be aware of, so always check their website for up to date info on what you can and cannot bring into the festival. Have a happy festival!

10 Essentials to Pack for Summer Music Festival Season // www.readysetjetset.net #readysetjetset #festivals

Drawstring Backpack

With current regulations at festivals, a lot of them won't let you bring in bags of certain sizes. For example, at ACL Festival this summer, bags will be restricted to small purses, totes and drawstring bags only. To make it even more complicated, bag size may not exceed 14” x 11” x 5” (35cm x 28cm x 12cm), or 30 linear inches (75cm) in total, and must have no more than one singular pocket or opening. A drawstring backpack will be a MUST at Austin City Limits Festival this year. At the very least, you’ll want it to carry your sunscreen, water, and merch purchases. Check out this mesh bag for the easiest security experience.

Sunscreen (Not In An Aerosol Can)

Most fests won't let you bring in aerosol cans, so don't make the rookie mistake of getting your sunscreen confiscated. Bring a good quality lotion or face stick instead, like this combo from Sun Bum.

Baby Wipes

Because no one should trust that there will actually be toilet paper in the porta potties, so better be safe than sorry. Plus, they're great for wiping off picnic tables, cleaning dirt off your hands and legs, and many more uses (especially at camping festivals!). If you don't want to carry a whole pack of them around, just put 10 in a ziplock bag and voila! Don't forget your baby wipes!


If you're at a hotter festival, it can get quite dusty, so you'll want a bandana to keep you from getting the fest flu (aka getting sick from all that dirt up your nose). The hotter the fest, the dustier it gets after all, so they’re handy to keep around. For the EDM kids out there, check out this fun holographic raver bandana!

Emergency Ponchos

These things are your best friend. Instead of getting charged $10 or more at the fest for a throwaway emergency poncho because you forgot to bring one, buy between 5-10 of these (depending on the weather forecast), and carry a few at a time in your backpack. They are can be great to sit on if it's a rainy festival and the ground is muddy.

Rain Boots

A good pair of rain boots, or wellies as the Brits say, will come in handy if it ends up being a muddy festival. I personally love these UGG Rain Boots that are both cute and comfy. They come in several color options too, but I really love them in watercolor.


Don't burn in the festival sun! Protect your head and bring a festival-ready hat, like this “Hello Sunshine” hat. It keeps the burn off and keeps you cool! Here are a few festival-approved hat options.

Water Bottle

ACL Festival has water bottle refilling stations all over Zilker Park, so there’s no reason to pay for water onsite. You are allowed one empty plastic or aluminum water bottle through the gates with you, up to 32 oz in size, so don’t forget it at home. It’s hot out there! I love Hydro Flask for keeping your water cold, or Contigo is great if you prefer plastic. Check out a few water bottle options below.

Gold Bond

No one likes to talk about it, but at those hot and sweaty summer festivals, you're probably going to chafe. Bring a pocket sized bottle of Gold Bond to avoid having thigh rub ruining your weekend, or get the Friction Defense stick for easier application! Tada, no more thigh rub!

Battery Pack Charger

Last but not least, if you're going to survive a music festival (whether camping or not) and be able to take all those concert videos and selfies your heart desires, you're going to want an external battery pack to keep your phone charged all weekend. For those at camping festivals, I highly recommend something with 20000mAh or more to get you through the whole festival, like the Anker Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh that has gotten me through Glastonbury Festival and U.S. National Park camping trips alike. If you want something a little less bulky, like for just a day at Austin City Limits, try the Anker PowerCore 10000. See a few battery pack options below.

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10 Essentials to Pack for Summer Music Festival Season // www.readysetjetset.net #readysetjetset #festivals
10 Essentials to Pack for Summer Music Festival Season // www.readysetjetset.net #readysetjetset #festivals

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