A Few Tips For Sleeping Well While On The Road

This post is sponsored by Sleep Experts. As always, all opinions are my own.

With all of the travel I do, I admit it can be tough to keep to a proper sleeping schedule. Everyone knows that you're supposed to gets 8 hours of sleep a night for a healthy lifestyle, but I feel like people don't realize just how important it really is. So when Sleep Experts challenged me to do a two week sleep challenge to get 8 hours a night every day, I thought I should take the challenge on.

I decided to do a little research before undertaking this challenge, and so far I've learned that adequate sleep supports mood, physical health, better decision making, and can even help you lose weight. I'd be the first to admit I love sleeping, and when I'm not working I can easily sleep for 12 hours straight, but when constantly changing time zones and flying to new continents, it can be hard to stay consistent. But the benefits seem to add up. So, with this in mind, I decided to gather a few tips of how I recommend getting your 8 hours in when on the road!

  • Invest in a good neck pillow and eye mask. They really make all of the difference.
  • Set sleep alarms. If it takes you awhile to go to sleep, set an alarm for an hour before you need to really be asleep and give yourself time to drowse off.
  • No caffeine late in the day. This one should be obvious!
  • Have a good mattress at home to come back to. Luxury hotels can be addicting, so don't skimp on your own mattress, as it doesn't feel too good to come back to a lumpy bed.
  • Give yourself rest days while on the road. Try not to plan to land in a new country bright and early at 8am and immediately go sightseeing. You WILL be exhausted, but the worst thing you can do is crash and burn mid-day, take a nap, and then not be able to sleep on schedule that night. Instead, take it easy and relax, and go to bed at a reasonable but early hour to get you in sync with the time zone.

Hopefully all of these tips help! Do you have your own tips for getting good sleep? Leave them in the comments below! You can follow my two-week sleep challenge sponsored by Sleep Experts by following the hashtag #SleepExpertsATX or visiting http://sleepexperts.com/. I'll be posting updates on my social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter so you can track my progress!

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