5 Unique Things To Do In London (+5 Bonus Ideas!)

London is a fantastic city with so much available to explore. From the craziest afternoon tea experiences to one of the best views in London to a neon sign junkyard, here are some of the most interesting and unique things to do in London!

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1. Tour London in a Classic Mini Cooper

If you're as tired of the same old double-decker bus tours that every city has nowadays, then instead check out smallcarBIGCITY. They offer a private driver experience around the city inside their selection of classic Mini Cooper cars. During my time on the road with them, we took out the lovely red Poppy. Their basic 1 hour tour will run you £119, or you can take up to an 8 hour ride for £659. And if you're the really independent type, they do offer the cars for self-drive hire. You could even go hunting for the prettiest streets in London! But don't just take my word for it - they're ranked as #1 "Greatest Thing To Do In London" by Time Out Magazine!

2. Science Afternoon Tea

Looking for an afternoon tea experience with a twist? Look no further than the Ampersand Hotel's Science Afternoon Tea. For £37.50 per person (or £49.00 per person with a glass of Charles Heidsieck Champagne), you can enjoy savory and sweet pastries such as quiches, scones, and macaroons, all with a science-themed spin on it. The tea is, after all, inspired by their South Kensington neighbor, The Science Museum. Some things you might find during your experience include a cream cheese planet mousse complete with a spaceman, test tube sprinkles, and a bit of dry ice on your tray to make things really exciting. 

3. The Sky Garden

Everyone loves a good cityscape viewpoint, and luckily, the Sky Garden is an amazing way to see London from above for free. You can book your time slot up to 3 weeks in advance, and I highly recommend you do so if you'd like to visit the garden. Sitting at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street, the Sky Garden is a large glass dome with 360 degree views featuring landscaped gardens, a restaurant and bar, and an open terrace viewing platform directly across the Thames from The Shard. If you want to guarantee your visit, reservations open for the Fenchurch rooftop restaurant 60 days in advance and for the Darwin Brasserie 30 days in advance. For nighttime visits, I highly recommend booking a table at the Sky Pod Bar up to 60 days in advance.

4. Secret Cinema

Since 2007, Secret Cinema has been upping the movie experience game. In a nutshell, they create interactive screenings around London that are completely immersive. You will probably be required to come in costume. As per their name, they are very secretive about where these screenings are held until you're told where to go with your ticket in hand, so I suggest getting on their mailing list so you're in-the-know for future events. Some past immersive experiences they've had include Moulin Rouge, Back to the Future, and 28 Days Later.

5. God's Own Junkyard

 God's Own Junkyard is the neon wonderland of your dreams. The showcase is made up of neon artist Chris Bracey's personal collection - everything from old movie props to salvaged neon signage and more. His pieces have been used often in the movie industry in everything from Captain America to Eyes Wide Shut. It's important to note though that the Junkyard is only open on Friday through Sunday.

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