Checking In: Hotel Beau Rivage (Geneva, Switzerland)

During my amazing visit to Geneva, courtesy of the Geneva Tourism Board, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend five wonderful nights right on Lake Geneva at the lavish 5-star Hotel Beau Rivage

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Jessica of Bon Traveler checking out my corner balcony view

Why would I ever leave my room with a view like this?

Upon checking into my room, the first thing I noticed was the extravagant panoramic view of Lake Geneva, made easily accessible by both a private balcony and a large window. My room itself was fit for a princess, with a luxurious bathtub wth Clarins products, a shower,  a separate restroom, and a sitting area with a couch. I loved the arrival gift (how cute is the little Instagram logo?!), and every night there was a new gift waiting for me as I arrived back to my room. One night was a velvet box of their signature violet macaroons (the favorites of Empress Sissi of Austria), and another included a jar of honey that the hotel makes themselves.

Rachel modeling the macaroons

Every morning during my stay, I gathered with some of my other blogger friends who were on the trip with me (like Rachel aka Vintage Dolls who posed for me in the photos below) to have breakfast in our rooms. Because how could we not, with a view like that? My room's balcony had a perfect view of the cathedral and city, while Rachel's room had a magnificent view of the Jet D'Eau - so we decided to go with the latter, for the sake of Instagram pictures of course. The view obviously did not disappoint. For those not into room service though, the hotel does also serve breakfast downstairs in their restaurant.

Breakfast is served

The Jet D'Eau putting on a show from my room

A perfect view of the city from my balcony

The hotel itself is the definition of opulence. It has been family-owned by the Mayer family since 1865, and is independent to this day. By numbers, it has 90 rooms including 19 suites, 2 restaurants, and a bar. 

One of the most interesting parts of our visit was when we were taken on a tour of some of the suites that the hotel has to offer. One such suite was the Sissi Suite, named after Empress Sissi of Austria.  Sissi often frequented the hotel until her death in 1898, and the room has its own private sundeck. Sissi was just one of the many fascinating figures that has visited Beau-Rivage over the years.

Last but definitely not least, we were lucky enough to dine on property one night at the one-Michelin-star restaurant, Le Chat Botté. I normally do not partake in fine dining except on rare occasions, so it was a real treat to get to experience a true French gastronomic dinner. While there, we were also taken on a wonderful tour of the kitchens, where they have a Chef's Table that can be booked out for a truly unique dining experience. We also visited the wine cellars of the hotel to learn more about the history of their collection.

Overall, the Hotel Beau Rivage is a perfect place to stay for those looking for a bit of traditional luxury in the heart of Geneva. It is a short walking distance away from the Old Town and right on the water for easy ferry access. And for everything else, Geneva has excellent public transportation that is free with any hotel stay in the city for visitors. Both quality and convenience make the Hotel Beau Rivage a great choice for any Geneva trip. 

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Ready Set Jet Set was welcomed as a guest of the Hotel Beau Rivage and Geneva Tourism Board. As always, my opinions are my own. Visit for more information and to book your own stay.