The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Wales

It’s surprising to me how underrated a travel destination Wales is. With its beautiful landscapes, magnificent castles, and colorful coastal towns, Wales is about as dreamy as it gets. Scotland and Ireland always seems to get all of the love while Wales gets overlooked. But truly, my favorite castle is in Wales - Conwy Castle, which is the first on this list. Some of the prettiest coastal towns in the UK are in Wales, like Aberaeron and Llandudno, and they sure give places like Brighton, England a run for their money. There’s so much to explore that makes it worth more than just a day trip from London to Cardiff (though that’s fun to do as well). I had the opportunity with Visit Wales to spend a week driving down the coast of Wales, starting in Manchester, England (where we flew in), and finishing in Cardiff. Our route took us through towns like Conwy, Tenby, Aberystwyth, Caernarfon, and more. It was truly hard to just pick the best of the best beautiful photo spots for this guide, but I feel like I’ve included some of the most Instagrammable spots that Wales has to offer.

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